A Piece of Sky

A Piece of Sky 2022

A Piece of Sky

IMDB ID: tt14783042


A Piece of Sky A Piece of Sky A Piece of Sky A Piece of Sky

A Piece of Sky 2022

Kiadási dátum: 08.12.2022

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Although a lowlander, Marco is a robust fellow. He is now working as a farmhand for mountain farmer Alois in a remote Sw...iss alpine village and, even at the regulars’ table at the local inn, people are slowly learning to appreciate this iced tea drinker. Anna is a local village girl; she has a daughter, Julia, from a previous relationship. Some doubt whether this new relationship will work out – but not Marco or Anna. They get married. Their love is gentle and beautiful; unable to fully fathom it, they express it in simple words. The trust between them grows and their tenderness endures; the happiness they feel at every touch is only surpassed by the warmth of stroking a cow. But soon Marco seems to be losing control of his impulses more and more often.

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