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Kay Francis

Személyes adatok

Ismert - Acting

M.gender - Female

Születésnap - 13.01.1905

Születési hely - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

IMDB: nm0290215
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Katherine Edwina Gibbs

Katherine Francis

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Film - Mandalay   Film - Trouble in Paradise   Film - Another Dawn   Film - Play Girl  
Elhunyt 26 August 1968
-ban halt meg 63 évek

Kay Francis



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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kay Francis (January 13, 1905 – August 26, 1968) was an American stage and film actress. After a brief period on Broadway in the late 1920s, she moved to film and achieved her greatest success between 1930 and 1936, when she was the number one female star at the Warner Brothers studio, and the highest paid American film actress. Some of her film related material and personal papers are available to scholars and researchers in the Wesleyan University Cinema Archives. Description above from the Wikipedia article Kay Francis,licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

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Filmek Kay Francis

Kay Francis filmekben (81)
Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise (Film)
Mariette Colet

Kiadási dátum: 30.10.1932
Eredeti cím : Trouble in Paradise
Vígjáték,   Bűnügyi,   Romantikus,  
Thief Gaston Monescu and pickpocket Lily are partners in crime and lov...

The Cocoanuts

The Cocoanuts (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 23.05.1929
Eredeti cím : The Cocoanuts
Vígjáték,   Zenei,  
During the Florida land boom, the Marx Brothers run a hotel, auction o...

When the Daltons Rode

When the Daltons Rode (Film)
Julie King

Kiadási dátum: 23.08.1940
Eredeti cím : When the Daltons Rode
Young lawyer Tod Jackson arrives in pioneer Kansas to visit his prospe...

Guilty Hands

Guilty Hands (Film)
Marjorie West

Kiadási dátum: 22.08.1931
Eredeti cím : Guilty Hands
Bűnügyi,   Dráma,  
Richard Grant is a lawyer who believes that murder under certain circu...

Street of Women

Street of Women (Film)
Natalie 'Nat' Upton

Kiadási dátum: 04.06.1932
Eredeti cím : Street of Women
Dráma,   Romantikus,  
An architect has an affair with a woman who inspires him. Her brother ...

I Loved a Woman

I Loved a Woman (Film)
Laura McDonald

Kiadási dátum: 23.09.1933
Eredeti cím : I Loved a Woman
Dráma,   Romantikus,  
The son of a ruthless meatpacking king goes through a number of change...

King of the Underworld

King of the Underworld (Film)
Dr. Carole Nelson

Kiadási dátum: 14.01.1939
Eredeti cím : King of the Underworld
Romantikus,   Bűnügyi,   Dráma,  
After the killing of her husband by friendly fire during a police raid...

One Way Passage

One Way Passage (Film)
Joan Ames

Kiadási dátum: 04.10.1932
Eredeti cím : One Way Passage
Dráma,   Romantikus,   Vígjáték,  
A terminally ill woman and a debonair murderer facing execution meet a...


Confession (Film)
Vera Kowalska

Kiadási dátum: 19.08.1937
Eredeti cím : Confession
Bűnügyi,   Dráma,  
Vera Kowalska is put on trial for murdering concert pianist Michael Mi...

Complicated Women

Complicated Women (Film)
Herself (archive footage)

Kiadási dátum: 06.05.2003
Eredeti cím : Complicated Women

A look at actresses who starred in films with thought-provoking subjec...

The Keyhole

The Keyhole (Film)
Anne Vallee Brooks

Kiadási dátum: 25.03.1933
Eredeti cím : The Keyhole
Vígjáték,   Dráma,   Romantikus,  
A private eye specializing in divorce cases falls for the woman he's b...


Transgression (Film)
Elsie Maury

Kiadási dátum: 27.06.1931
Eredeti cím : Transgression
When British mining engineer Robert Maury is sent to India on an exten...

Always in My Heart

Always in My Heart (Film)
Marjorie Scott

Kiadási dátum: 14.03.1942
Eredeti cím : Always in My Heart
Dráma,   Zenei,  
A man is pardoned from prison and returns to Santa Rita, CA to be with...

In Name Only

In Name Only (Film)
Maida Walker

Kiadási dátum: 18.08.1939
Eredeti cím : In Name Only
Dráma,   Romantikus,  
A wealthy man falls for a widow but is locked into a loveless marriage...


Mandalay (Film)
Tanya Borodoff aka Spot White / Marjorie Lang

Kiadási dátum: 10.02.1934
Eredeti cím : Mandalay
Abandoned by her lover, a woman becomes the main "hostess" in a decade...

Passion Flower

Passion Flower (Film)
Dulce Morado

Kiadási dátum: 06.12.1930
Eredeti cím : Passion Flower
A bored society woman invites scandal and heartache when she falls in ...

The White Angel

The White Angel (Film)
Florence Nightingale

Kiadási dátum: 25.06.1936
Eredeti cím : The White Angel
In mid-nineteenth century England the medical establishment does not r...

British Agent

British Agent (Film)
Elena Moura

Kiadási dátum: 15.09.1934
Eredeti cím : British Agent
Romantikus,   Dráma,   Történelmi,   Háborús,  
An Englishman falls in love with a Russian spy....

Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage

Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage (Film)
Herself (archive footage)

Kiadási dátum: 25.02.1983
Eredeti cím : Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage
Out-takes (mostly from Warner Bros.), promotional shorts, movie premie...

Allotment Wives

Allotment Wives (Film)
Sheila Seymour

Kiadási dátum: 08.11.1945
Eredeti cím : Allotment Wives
Dráma,   Bűnügyi,  
Unscrupulous women marry servicemen for their pay....

Breakdowns of 1938

Breakdowns of 1938 (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 07.02.1938
Eredeti cím : Breakdowns of 1938

This was one of the annual "blooper" reels screened by the Warners Clu...

The House on 56th Street

The House on 56th Street (Film)
Peggy Martin Van Tyle / Peggy Stone

Kiadási dátum: 23.12.1933
Eredeti cím : The House on 56th Street
Történelmi,   Dráma,  
A beautiful chorine marries a handsome rich socialite, but her idyllic...

Little Men

Little Men (Film)
Josephine "Jo" Bhaer

Kiadási dátum: 29.11.1940
Eredeti cím : Little Men
Dráma,   Vígjáték,  
Jo March and her husband Professor Bhaer operate the Plumfield School ...

Girls About Town

Girls About Town (Film)
Wanda Howard

Kiadási dátum: 07.11.1931
Eredeti cím : Girls About Town
A dynamic duo in silk and ermine entertain hick businessmen looking fo...

Paramount on Parade

Paramount on Parade (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 22.04.1930
Eredeti cím : Paramount on Parade
Zenei,   Vígjáték,  
This 1930 film, a collection of songs and sketches showcasing Paramoun...


Divorce (Film)
Diane Carter

Kiadási dátum: 18.08.1945
Eredeti cím : Divorce
A woman who has been married and divorced five times comes back to her...

Wonder Bar

Wonder Bar (Film)
Liane Renaud

Kiadási dátum: 31.03.1934
Eredeti cím : Wonder Bar
Bűnügyi,   Dráma,   Zenei,   Romantikus,  
Harry and Inez are a dance team at the Wonder Bar. Inez loves Harry, b...

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (Film)
(archive footage)

Kiadási dátum: 06.08.1975
Eredeti cím : Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Period music, film clips and newsreel footage combined into a visual e...

The Feminine Touch

The Feminine Touch (Film)
Nellie Woods

Kiadási dátum: 01.10.1941
Eredeti cím : The Feminine Touch
A professor and his wife move to New York and confuse a publisher's ro...

Another Dawn

Another Dawn (Film)
Julia Ashton Wister

Kiadási dátum: 26.06.1937
Eredeti cím : Another Dawn
Kaland,   Dráma,   Romantikus,  
Colonel John Wister, on duty with the British army in the desert regio...

Things You Never See on the Screen

Things You Never See on the Screen (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 01.12.1935
Eredeti cím : Things You Never See on the Screen
Collection of Warner's stars blundering through missed takes....

Mary Stevens, M.D.

Mary Stevens, M.D. (Film)
Mary Stevens

Kiadási dátum: 22.07.1933
Eredeti cím : Mary Stevens, M.D.
A woman doctor decides to have a baby without benefit of marriage....

Jewel Robbery

Jewel Robbery (Film)
Baroness Teri

Kiadási dátum: 08.07.1932
Eredeti cím : Jewel Robbery
Romantikus,   Vígjáték,   Bűnügyi,  
A gentleman thief charms a Viennese baron's wife and also conducts a d...

Give Me Your Heart

Give Me Your Heart (Film)
Belinda 'Linda' Warren, aka 'Bill'

Kiadási dátum: 17.09.1936
Eredeti cím : Give Me Your Heart
Dráma,   Romantikus,  
An American lawyer's wife is reunited with her child and his father, a...

Secrets of an Actress

Secrets of an Actress (Film)
Fay Carter

Kiadási dátum: 07.10.1938
Eredeti cím : Secrets of an Actress
Dráma,   Romantikus,  
A romantic drama film about a love triangle between a stage actress, h...

Blow-Ups of 1947

Blow-Ups of 1947 (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 01.01.1947
Eredeti cím : Blow-Ups of 1947
Warner Brothers bloopers of 1947...

For the Defense

For the Defense (Film)
Irene Manners

Kiadási dátum: 19.07.1930
Eredeti cím : For the Defense
William Foster is a slick attorney who stays within the law, but speci...

Women in the Wind

Women in the Wind (Film)
Janet Steele

Kiadási dátum: 15.04.1939
Eredeti cím : Women in the Wind
A famous aviator helps an amateur enter a cross-country air race for w...

Four Jills in a Jeep

Four Jills in a Jeep (Film)
Kay Francis

Kiadási dátum: 17.03.1944
Eredeti cím : Four Jills in a Jeep
Vígjáték,   Zenei,   Háborús,  
Reenactments of actual USO experiences of its female stars entertainin...

My Bill

My Bill (Film)
Mary Colbrook

Kiadási dátum: 08.07.1938
Eredeti cím : My Bill
An impoverished widow fights scandal for the sake of her four children...

Show-Business at War

Show-Business at War (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 21.05.1943
Eredeti cím : Show-Business at War

A multi-studio effort to show the newsreel audience the progress of th...

I Found Stella Parish

I Found Stella Parish (Film)
Stella Parish

Kiadási dátum: 14.11.1935
Eredeti cím : I Found Stella Parish
Dráma,   Romantikus,  
A blackmailer preys on an actress who is trying to protect her daughte...

Breakdowns of 1936

Breakdowns of 1936 (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 30.12.1936
Eredeti cím : Breakdowns of 1936
Time marches on....

Breakdowns of 1937

Breakdowns of 1937 (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 23.01.1937
Eredeti cím : Breakdowns of 1937

Warner Brothers bloopers of 1937....

The Goose and the Gander

The Goose and the Gander (Film)
Georgiana Summers

Kiadási dátum: 20.09.1935
Eredeti cím : The Goose and the Gander
Vígjáték,   Dráma,   Romantikus,  
When Georgiana Summers learns that the woman who stole and married her...

Man Wanted

Man Wanted (Film)
Lois Ames

Kiadási dátum: 23.04.1932
Eredeti cím : Man Wanted
Romantikus,   Vígjáték,   Dráma,  
A female editor of a magazine falls in love with her male secretary....

Storm at Daybreak

Storm at Daybreak (Film)
Irina Radovic

Kiadási dátum: 14.06.1933
Eredeti cím : Storm at Daybreak
Dráma,   Romantikus,   Háborús,  
Sarajevo June 28, 1914. Dushan, the Serbian mayor of a Hungarian town,...

It's a Date

It's a Date (Film)
Georgia Drake

Kiadási dátum: 22.03.1940
Eredeti cím : It's a Date
Vígjáték,   Zenei,   Romantikus,  
An aspiring actress is offered the lead in a major new play, but disco...


Raffles (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 24.07.1930
Eredeti cím : Raffles
Kaland,   Bűnügyi,   Romantikus,  
A distinguished English gentleman has a secret life--he is the notorio...

24 Hours

24 Hours (Film)
Fanny Towner

Kiadási dátum: 03.10.1931
Eredeti cím : 24 Hours
A nightclub singer is carrying on an affair with a married man. When s...

Ladies' Man

Ladies' Man (Film)
Norma Page

Kiadási dátum: 09.05.1931
Eredeti cím : Ladies' Man
A society gigolo goes after a rich mother and her daughter, but tries ...

Street of Chance

Street of Chance (Film)
Alma Marsden

Kiadási dátum: 08.02.1930
Eredeti cím : Street of Chance
'Natural' Davis (William Powell) is a respected gambler who follows a ...

A Notorious Affair

A Notorious Affair (Film)
Countess Olga Balakireff

Kiadási dátum: 26.04.1930
Eredeti cím : A Notorious Affair
Dráma,   Romantikus,  
A scheming musician seduces a wealthy woman for love and money....

Stolen Holiday

Stolen Holiday (Film)
Nicole Picot

Kiadási dátum: 06.02.1937
Eredeti cím : Stolen Holiday
Dráma,   Romantikus,  
A young model is set up with her own fashion business by a crooked fin...

Gentlemen Of The Press

Gentlemen Of The Press (Film)
Myra May

Kiadási dátum: 04.05.1929
Eredeti cím : Gentlemen Of The Press
A newsman is drawn away from family life by the needs of his paper unt...

The Man Who Lost Himself

The Man Who Lost Himself (Film)
Adrienne Scott

Kiadási dátum: 21.03.1941
Eredeti cím : The Man Who Lost Himself
John Evans encounters his lookalike, Malcolm Scott. When Scott is kill...

Living on Velvet

Living on Velvet (Film)
Amy Prentiss

Kiadási dátum: 02.03.1935
Eredeti cím : Living on Velvet
A lay-about falls for his best friend's fiancee. The two of them run a...

Breakdowns of 1939

Breakdowns of 1939 (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 02.01.1940
Eredeti cím : Breakdowns of 1939
Flubs and bloopers that occurred ont the set of some of the major Warn...

Scandal Sheet

Scandal Sheet (Film)
Edith Flint

Kiadási dátum: 31.01.1931
Eredeti cím : Scandal Sheet
Dráma,   Bűnügyi,  
Confirming his principle that no one escapes the news, a tabloid edito...

Comet Over Broadway

Comet Over Broadway (Film)
Eve Appleton

Kiadási dátum: 03.12.1938
Eredeti cím : Comet Over Broadway

Story of a rising stage star and the trouble she causes by her ambitio...

Behind the Make-Up

Behind the Make-Up (Film)
Kitty Parker

Kiadási dátum: 18.01.1930
Eredeti cím : Behind the Make-Up
Gardoni, a down-on-his-luck vaudeville performer, is taken in by a fel...

Play Girl

Play Girl (Film)
Grace Herbert

Kiadási dátum: 07.03.1941
Eredeti cím : Play Girl
Vígjáték,   Zenei,   Romantikus,  
When a gold digger starts to get a little old to ply her trade, she te...

Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves (Film)
Zara Flynn

Kiadási dátum: 12.07.1929
Eredeti cím : Dangerous Curves
A young bareback rider in a circus is in love with a trapeze artist, b...

The Vice Squad

The Vice Squad (Film)
Alice Morrison

Kiadási dátum: 29.05.1931
Eredeti cím : The Vice Squad
Bűnügyi,   Dráma,  
A diplomat is blackmailed by crooked vice cops into helping them frame...

Movies on Sundays

Movies on Sundays (Film)
Herself (uncredited)

Kiadási dátum: 01.01.1935
Eredeti cím : Movies on Sundays

A short, introduced in Pennsylvania when the state had laws disallowin...

Dr. Monica

Dr. Monica (Film)
Dr. Monica Braden

Kiadási dátum: 23.06.1934
Eredeti cím : Dr. Monica
A prominent New York doctor, unable to have a child, discovers her phi...

Let's Go Native

Let's Go Native (Film)
Constance Cook

Kiadási dátum: 15.08.1930
Eredeti cím : Let's Go Native
Zenei,   Vígjáték,  
Dress designer Joan Wood, who's heavily in debt, has created costumes ...

The False Madonna

The False Madonna (Film)

Kiadási dátum: 05.12.1931
Eredeti cím : The False Madonna
A woman who is a member of a gang of con artists impersonates the moth...

Wife Wanted

Wife Wanted (Film)
Carole Raymond

Kiadási dátum: 02.11.1946
Eredeti cím : Wife Wanted
Bűnügyi,   Dráma,  
Career-slipping movie star Carole Raymond (Kay Francis) buys in as a r...

Charley's Aunt

Charley's Aunt (Film)
Donna Lucia

Kiadási dátum: 01.08.1941
Eredeti cím : Charley's Aunt
In 1890, two students at Oxford force their rascally friend and fellow...

Between Us Girls

Between Us Girls (Film)
Christine Bishop

Kiadási dátum: 04.09.1942
Eredeti cím : Between Us Girls
A 20-year-old stage actress takes on her most challenging role when sh...

The Marriage Playground

The Marriage Playground (Film)
Lady Wrench

Kiadási dátum: 12.12.1929
Eredeti cím : The Marriage Playground
Vígjáték,   Romantikus,   Dráma,  
A delightful pre-code cocktail recipe. Take three couples (add gin and...

First Lady

First Lady (Film)
Lucy Chase Wayne

Kiadási dátum: 04.12.1937
Eredeti cím : First Lady
A politician's wife plots for her husband to become the next U.S. Pres...

Strangers in Love

Strangers in Love (Film)
Diana Merrow

Kiadási dátum: 05.03.1932
Eredeti cím : Strangers in Love
Vígjáték,   Dráma,  
Fredric March essays a dual role in this story of a ne'er-do-well who ...


Illusion (Film)
Zelda Paxton

Kiadási dátum: 21.09.1929
Eredeti cím : Illusion
A vaudeville magician team is broken up when Carlee, an ex--circus per...


Stranded (Film)
Lynn Palmer

Kiadási dátum: 29.06.1935
Eredeti cím : Stranded
Romantikus,   Dráma,  
A Traveler's Aid worker who delights in solving people's problems gets...

Women Are Like That

Women Are Like That (Film)
Claire King Landin

Kiadási dátum: 23.04.1938
Eredeti cím : Women Are Like That
Businesswoman Claire King is the daughter of a powerful advertising ex...

The Virtuous Sin

The Virtuous Sin (Film)
Marya Ivanova Sablin

Kiadási dátum: 31.10.1930
Eredeti cím : The Virtuous Sin
Háborús,   Dráma,   Romantikus,  
Marya gets friendly with General Platoff in order to save her husband ...


Cynara (Film)
Clemency Warlock

Kiadási dátum: 24.12.1932
Eredeti cím : Cynara
Dráma,   Romantikus,  
A London barrister's marriage is under strain after his affair with a ...

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kay Francis (January 13, 1905 – August 26, 1968) was an American stage and film actress. After a brief period on Broadway in the late 1920s, she moved to film and achieved her greatest success between 1930 and 1936, when she was the number one female star at the Warner Brothers studio, and the highest paid American film actress. Some of her film related material and personal papers are available to scholars and researchers in the Wesleyan University Cinema Archives. Description above from the Wikipedia article Kay Francis,licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.