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    Review by rida

    The film stars all of the biggest names in Bollywood, and unsurprisingly, all of them play the same characters they`ve portrayed their entire careers. The story is about the patriarch of a rich family who disowns his elder son for marrying a poor girl. The younger son sets out to reunite the family.The first half of the film is admittedly quite fun, most likely because I`ve been watching this film since I was about five or six years old. But the second half, in which every character is either weeping or wiping away tears, is completely overwrought and shamelessly manipulative.And the emotional manipulation still works. I wasn`t moved to anything but laughter during the film, but my father cried once again at the father-son climax. He cried when we watched the film for the first time several years ago, and he cried when we watched it last night. The upright patriarch reminds him of his own distant, authoritative father.I suppose you`ve got to understand the Indian family structure in order to understand the sentiments behind the film. Here it is, in a nutshell: the elders are the head of the family; the father is as revered as a god; the sons all live with their own families in their father`s house; and basically, everybody`s supposed to stay together no matter what. That`s just the way it is.But what ends up happening these days is that the sons usually immigrate to some country outside India and the parents stay with whichever son couldn`t find a way to leave the country. And everybody starts to forget how to love people who live so far away.Is that something to be laudedt I don`t think so. The film is astonishingly sappy and badly acted whenever it veers into melodrama, though pretty well paced in the first half. It`s Indian escapism at its finest, and it still makes grown men cry.I wouldn`t recommend the film to anyone unless they, like me, have literally grown up watching it. And even some of those folks may realize that this film is just four hours of shallow, superficial entertainment full of good-looking people (SRK! Hrithik Roshan!) who grow immediately wet-eyed and shake a lot whenever they`re required to show emotional depth.
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  • Review by milkhole

    this was such a fun movie. maybe it’s because i’m in love with the women in this movie though ….. such ICONIC MUSIC
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  • Review by mccully

    If I had an option of 1000 stars, i would definitely rate it like that.Such a masterpiece. MUST SEEN. No need to say anthing else. Watch & Enjoy.
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    yes the perfect movie existsno i don’t make the rules
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