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    Review by propst

    I will not do a full thought-out review for this movie or movies similar because I watch these for pure fun. Movies like this one aren`t great but I love all the cheesiness and awkward moments. Therefore, I will keep it short and simple on what I liked and didn`t like.What I liked: I liked the whole fake relationship thing the main couple had going. I personally have a love for that trope so I was digging it. Also I really liked Clarissa`s character and how she was portrayed. While she had moments that made me want to slap my forehead, she was a woman who was determined in her job and personality even if she lied along the way out of fear.What I didn`t like: The acting was not great but like it`s a cheesy rom-com so, not surprised. The overall storyline of how everything came to be was a little messy. The transitions were also very weird but they just made me laugh at times.Overall, cute, no-brainer film that I would watch again sometime when I just need to smile and get some good feels.
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