Uncover Hidden Desires.

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Joaquín Oristrell

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Unconscious online subtitled

A Freudian comedy set in Barcelona, 1913, that playfully questions sexual taboos through a Sherlock... Holmes-style investigation.

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Leonor Watling Main roles

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Tag Line Uncover Hidden Desires.
Tmdb rating 7.4
Language es
Imdb ID tt0395173

Alternative titles

Unconscious | Ancheta |

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Unconscious online subtitled


Unconscious Unconscious Unconscious

Movie Details

Directed by

Joaquín Oristrell

Alternative titles
en - Unconscious watch this movie in english language Unconscious
ro - Ancheta watch this movie in romanian language Ancheta
it - Unconscious watch this movie in italian language Unconscious
de - Unconscious watch this movie in german language Unconscious
pl - Unconscious watch this movie in polish language Unconscious
ru - Unconscious watch this movie in russian language Unconscious

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