The Barcelona Vampiress

The Barcelona Vampiress 2020

The Barcelona Vampiress

IMDB ID: tt10873438


The Barcelona Vampiress The Barcelona Vampiress

The Barcelona Vampiress 2020

Release date: 09.10.2020

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The Barcelona Vampiress online subtitled

Barcelona at the start of the twentieth century sees two cities living alongside one another. The first, bourgeois and m...odernist, the other filthy and sordid. When Teresa Guitart, the young daughter of a rich family, goes missing, the news sends shockwaves through the whole country. The police soon have a suspect: Enriqueta Marti, a woman who’s also known as “The Barcelona Vampiress”. The journalist Sebastia Comas decides to venture into the Raval neighborhood’s maze of streets, brothels and secrets, where he will find out the dark truth around the kidnappings and macabre murders of children that the Vampiress is accused of. His investigations will reveal a sleazy elite, who will stop at nothing to hide their tawdry vices.

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ES La Vampira de Barcelona | TW 血色巴塞隆納 |

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