Gendelyk 2019


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Gendelyk Gendelyk

Gendelyk 2019

Release date: 2019-06-07

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The eternal desire of a man to love a real and unique Woman paints different images in the imagination of screenwriter I...van Gerasimov. From time to time he meets with the women of his dreams - a romantic young lady, a relaxed prostitute, a mysterious lady with a veil and - his wife - Ivan ceases to understand which of these women is reality, and which is only a figment of his imagination. In search of answers, he finds himself in the mystical station cafe Gendelyk. Thanks to the "accidental" meeting with Bartender and Sputnik, various emotional memories from life emerge in his memory: first love, funny oddities, moments of incredible happiness and unbearable suffering. These memories help Ivan understand himself and become free.

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