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Bouli Lanners

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Birthday 20 May 1965
Place of birth : Moresnet-Chapelle, Belgium
ID Imdb: nm0099521

Alive : Yes

Birthday Bouli Lanners: 1965.05.20

Age Bouli Lanners 56 years

Bouli Lanners occupation actor

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Movie - Raw   Movie - Astérix at the Olympic Games   Movie - Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia   Movie - Bye Bye Morons  

Philippe "Bouli" Lanners (born 20 May 1965 in Moresnet-Chapelle, in the Redeemed Cantons near Liège, Belgium) is a Belgian actor, author and film director. He is also known as a painter. Description ...above from the Wikipedia article Bouli Lanners , licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

Bouli Lanners

Known for this movies


Le routier

Astérix at the Olympic Games

King Aderlas

Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia


Bye Bye Morons

Médecin Suze

Filmography Bouli Lanners

Movies with Bouli Lanners

Bouli Lanners in movies (70)

Movie - Raw (2016)

  Release date : 2016-11-11   Language
  Original title : Grave   99 min

Drama, Horror, Mystery,


Main Actors :

Garance Marillier Justine

Ella Rumpf Alexia
Rabah Nait Oufella Adrien

Movie - Astérix at the Olympic Games (2008)

  Release date : 2008-01-30   Language
  Original title : Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques   116 min

Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Family,

Astérix and Obélix have to win the Olympic Games in order to help th...

Main Actors :

Clovis Cornillac Astérix

Gérard Depardieu Obélix
Franck Dubosc Troubadix

Movie - Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia (2012)

  Release date : 2012-10-17   Language
  Original title : Astérix & Obélix - Au service de Sa Majesté   110 min

Family, Adventure, Comedy,

Asterix crosses the channel to help second-cousin Anticlimax face down...

Main Actors :

Gérard Depardieu Obélix

Edouard Baer Astérix
Guillaume Gallienne Jolitorax

Movie - Bye Bye Morons (2020)

  Release date : 2020-10-21   Language
  Original title : Adieu les cons   87 min

Comedy, Drama,

When 43-year-old hairdresser Suze Trappet finds out that she's serious...

Main Actors :

Jackie Berroyer Dr Lint

Albert Dupontel JB
Virginie Efira Suze Trappet

Movie - Rust and Bone (2012)

  Release date : 2012-05-17   Language
  Original title : De rouille et d'os   123 min

Drama, Romance,

Put in charge of his young son, Ali leaves Belgium for Antibes to live...

Main Actors :

Marion Cotillard Stéphanie

Matthias Schoenaerts Alain van Versch, aka Ali
Armand Verdure Sam

Movie - Delete History (2020)

  Release date : 2020-08-26   Language
  Original title : Effacer l'historique   110 min


In a provincial suburb, three neighbours come to terms with the conseq...

Main Actors :

Blanche Gardin Marie

Denis Podalydès Bertrand
Corinne Masiero Christine

Movie - A Very Long Engagement (2004)

  Release date : 2004-10-26   Language
  Original title : Un long dimanche de fiançailles   133 min

Drama, Romance, War,

In 1919, Mathilde was 19 years old. Two years earlier, her fiancé Man...

Main Actors :

Audrey Tautou Mathilde

Gaspard Ulliel Manech
Dominique Pinon Sylvain

Movie - Nothing to Declare (2010)

  Release date : 2010-12-20   Language
  Original title : Rien à déclarer   108 min


During the elimination of the Belgian/French border in the 90s, a Belg...

Main Actors :

Benoît Poelvoorde Ruben Vandevoorde

Dany Boon Mathias Ducatel
Julie Bernard Louise Vandevoorde

A Town Called Panic

Movie - A Town Called Panic (2009)

  Release date : 2009-06-17

Animated plastic toys like Cowboy, Indian, and Horse have problems, to...

Movie - Le grand soir (2012)

  Release date : 2012-06-06   Language
  Original title : Le grand soir   92 min


An ageing punk-with-a-dog and his brother the conformist decide to get...

Main Actors :

Benoît Poelvoorde Benoît Bonzini, alias NOT

Albert Dupontel Jean-Pierre Bonzini
Brigitte Fontaine Mother - Marie-Annick Bonzini

Movie - April and the Extraordinary World (2015)

  Release date : 2015-11-04   Language
  Original title : Avril et le monde truqué   103 min

Thriller, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction,

France asleep in the nineteenth century, governed by steam and Napoleo...

Main Actors :

Marion Cotillard Avril (voice)

Philippe Katerine Darwin (voice)
Jean Rochefort Pops (voice)

Movie - Nicholas on Holiday (2014)

  Release date : 2014-07-09   Language
  Original title : Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas   97 min

Family, Comedy,

It's the end of the school year. The long-awaited moment of the holida...

Main Actors :

Valérie Lemercier La mère de Nicolas

Kad Merad Le père de Nicolas
Mathéo Boisselier Le petit Nicolas

Movie - Wide Load (2019)

  Release date : 2019-03-13   Language
  Original title : Convoi exceptionnel   82 min


This is the story of a guy who goes too fast and a big guy who is too ...

Main Actors :

Gérard Depardieu Taupin

Christian Clavier Foster
Audrey Dana La showrunneuse

Movie - Mammuth (2010)

  Release date : 2010-04-21   Language
  Original title : Mammuth   92 min


Serge Pilardosse vient d'avoir 60 ans. Il travaille depuis l'âge de 1...

Main Actors :

Gérard Depardieu Serge Pilardosse, dit Mammuth

Yolande Moreau Catherine Pilardosse
Isabelle Adjani L'amour perdu de Serge

Movie - Locked Out (2006)

  Release date : 2006-04-05   Language
  Original title : Enfermés dehors   78 min


Once upon a time, somewhere... a homeless guy finds a policeman's unif...

Main Actors :

Albert Dupontel Roland

Claude Perron Marie
Nicolas Marié Duval - Riché


Movie - 11.6 (2013)

  Release date : 2013-04-03

In November 2009, French security van driver Toni Musulin makes off wi...

Movie - Heal the Living (2016)

  Release date : 2016-11-01   Language
  Original title : Réparer les vivants   104 min


It all starts at daybreak, three young surfers on the raging seas. A f...

Main Actors :

Anne Dorval Claire

Tahar Rahim Thomas
Emmanuelle Seigner Marianne

Movie - Bloody Milk (2017)

  Release date : 2017-08-30   Language
  Original title : Petit Paysan   90 min

Drama, Comedy,

Pierre, in his thirties, is a breeder of dairy cattle. His life revolv...

Main Actors :

Swann Arlaud Pierre Chavanges

Sara Giraudeau Pascale Chavanges
Bouli Lanners Jamy

Movie - Headwinds (2011)

  Release date : 2011-12-14   Language
  Original title : Des vents contraires   91 min

Drama, Mystery,

Sarah tells Paul that she wants out of their marriage; the next day sh...

Main Actors :

Benoît Magimel Paul Anderen

Isabelle Carré Josée Combe
Antoine Duléry Alex Anderen

Movie - Louise-Michel (2008)

  Release date : 2008-09-23   Language
  Original title : Louise-Michel   94 min


In this radical and endearing black comedy, a group of retrenched fema...

Main Actors :

Yolande Moreau Louise Ferrand

Bouli Lanners Michel Pinchon
Benoît Poelvoorde Guy l'ingénieur

Movie - Notre Dame (2019)

  Release date : 2019-12-18   Language
  Original title : Notre Dame   89 min


Maud is an architect and a mother. Due to a misunderstanding, she wins...

Main Actors :

Valérie Donzelli Maud Crayon

Pierre Deladonchamps Bacchus Renard
Thomas Scimeca Martial

Movie - 9 Month Stretch (2013)

  Release date : 2013-09-07   Language
  Original title : 9 mois ferme   82 min


Ariane Felder is pregnant! This is surprising with her being a young h...

Main Actors :

Albert Dupontel Bob Nolan

Sandrine Kiberlain Ariane Felder
Nicolas Marié Attorney Trolos

The Villain

Movie - The Villain (2009)

  Release date : 2009-11-25

With gun-toting rivals on his tail, a daring bank robber takes refuge ...

Movie - Above the Law (2017)

  Release date : 2017-12-06   Language
  Original title : Tueurs   86 min

Crime, Thriller,

Frank Valken, high-flying robber, has just made a final masterful brea...

Main Actors :

Lubna Azabal Lucie Tesla

Olivier Gourmet Frank Valken
Bouli Lanners Danny Bouvy

Lulu in the Nude

Movie - Lulu in the Nude (2013)

  Release date : 2013-09-28

After a job interview gone wrong, Lulu sets sail leaving her husband a...

Movie - The First, the Last (2016)

  Release date : 2016-01-27   Language
  Original title : Les Premiers, les Derniers   98 min

Drama, Comedy, Crime,

Apocalyptic neo-western about two gangsters, a town full of crazy peop...

Main Actors :

Albert Dupontel Cochise

Bouli Lanners Gilou
Suzanne Clément Clara

Movie - I Always Wanted to Be a Gangster (2008)

  Release date : 2008-01-18   Language
  Original title : J'ai toujours rêvé d'être un gangster   108 min

Drama, Comedy, Crime,

Told in four vignettes, this existential comedy relates the exploits o...

Main Actors :

Anna Mouglalis Suzy - la serveuse

Edouard Baer Gino - le braqueur
Jean Rochefort Jean

Movie - Brotherhood of Tears (2013)

  Release date : 2013-10-09   Language
  Original title : La Confrérie des larmes   95 min


Gabriel Chevalier, 45 years old, is an ex-policeman. Unemployed, lonel...

Main Actors :

Jérémie Renier Gabriel Chevalier

Audrey Fleurot Claire Foczensky
Mélusine Mayance Juliette Chevalier

Movie - Tour de Force (2013)

  Release date : 2013-06-12   Language
  Original title : La Grande boucle


Family man François Nouel is the number one fan of the Tour de France...

Main Actors :

Clovis Cornillac François Nouel

Bouli Lanners Rémi Pletinckx
Ary Abittan Toni Agnello

Movie - Eldorado (2008)

  Release date : 2008-06-04   Language
  Original title : Eldorado   85 min

Comedy, Drama,

Yvan finds a burglar in his house. After some consideration, Yvan deci...

Main Actors :

Bouli Lanners Yvan

Fabrice Adde Elie
Philippe Nahon Le Collectionneur

Movie - Aaltra (2004)

  Release date : 2004-06-23   Language m.en
  Original title : Aaltra   92 min

Comedy, Drama,

In this pitch black comedy the rivalry between two neighbors escalates...

Main Actors :

Benoît Delépine L'employé

Gustave Kervern L'ouvrier agricole
Michel de Gavre Le paysan

Movie - Kill Me Please (2010)

  Release date : 2010-11-03   Language
  Original title : Kill Me Please   95 min

Comedy, Drama,

Doctor Kruger dreams to insert “the suicide in modernity”. He offe...

Main Actors :

Aurélien Recoing Docteur Krueger

Virginie Efira Inspectrice Evrard
Benoît Poelvoorde M. Demanet

Real Love

Movie - Real Love (2019)

  Release date : 2019-03-27

Forbach, East of France, today. Mario, a man without much ambition, ex...

Movie - The Return of James Battle (2004)

  Release date : 2004-07-21   Language
  Original title : Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille   92 min

Adventure, Comedy, Horror,

James Bataille is in love. He attempts to stage an elaborate motorcycl...

Main Actors :

Vanessa Paradis Concia

Jason Flemyng James Bataille
Benoît Poelvoorde Allan Chiasse

Movie - Patrick (2019)

  Release date : 2019-07-01   Language
  Original title : De Patrick   92 min

Drama, Comedy,

Patrick is the handyman on his father's naturist campsite. The remaini...

Main Actors :

Kevin Janssens Patrick

Pierre Bokma Herman
Hannah Hoekstra Nathalie

Love Song for Tough Guys

Movie - Love Song for Tough Guys (2021)

  Release date : 2021-09-29

In a port city, the lives of a few isolated people, used to violence, ...

Movie - Dog (2017)

  Release date : 2017-08-21   Language
  Original title : Chien   90 min

Drama, Comedy,

Jacques Blanchot loses everything: his wife, his home, his job. He gra...

Main Actors :

Vincent Macaigne Jacques Blanchot

Vanessa Paradis Hélène
Bouli Lanners Max

Movie - The Carriers Are Waiting (1999)

  Release date : 1999-05-19   Language
  Original title : Les convoyeurs attendent   94 min

Comedy, Drama,

Roger Closset is a man who obviously loves his family, though that doe...

Main Actors :

Benoît Poelvoorde Roger

Morgane Simon Louise
Bouli Lanners L'entraîneur

Movie - The Ordinary People (2009)

  Release date : 2009-09-16   Language
  Original title : Rien de personnel   91 min


The Muller company organizes a reception to mark the launch of a new p...

Main Actors :

Denis Podalydès Gilles Bergerat

Jean-Pierre Darroussin Bruno Couffe
Mélanie Doutey Natacha Gauthier-Stevens

Movie - White Snow (2010)

  Release date : 2010-03-11   Language
  Original title : Blanc comme neige   95 min


Director Christophe Blanc delivers a fast-past thriller set to a backg...

Main Actors :

Olivier Gourmet Grégoire

François Cluzet Maxime
Louise Bourgoin Michèle

Mr. Manatane's notebooks

Tv - Mr. Manatane's notebooks (1997)

  Release date : 1997-01-01

Poetry lovers, defenders of good taste, dear hunters... you are here a...

Movie - Avida (2006)

  Release date : 2006-09-13   Language
  Original title : Avida   83 min


The kidnapping of a plump billionaire's dog by a deaf-mute and 2 ketam...

Main Actors :

Benoît Delépine L'homme à la tête de scotch

Albert Dupontel Le garde du corps maladroit
Gustave Kervern Le captif sourd muet

Movie - Special Treatment (2010)

  Release date : 2010-09-29   Language
  Original title : Sans queue ni tête   95 min

Drama, Comedy,

Drawing some intriguing parallels between the work of the prostitute a...

Main Actors :

Isabelle Huppert Alice Bergerac

Bouli Lanners Xavier Demestre
Richard Debuisne Pierre Cassagne

Movie - All Cats Are Grey (2014)

  Release date : 2014-10-23   Language
  Original title : Tous les chats sont gris   90 min


Paul is a chubby kind-­‐hearted amateur detective. Dorothy is an in...

Main Actors :

Manon Capelle Dorothy

Bouli Lanners Paul
Anne Coesens Christine

Bunker Paradise

Movie - Bunker Paradise (2006)

  Release date : 2006-03-22

Movie - Cow-boy (2007)

  Release date : 2007-12-05   Language
  Original title : Cow-boy   96 min

Main Actors :

Benoît Poelvoorde Daniel Piron

François Damiens Franz
Gilbert Melki Tony Sacchi

Movie - En territoire indien (2003)

  Release date : 2003-05-28   Language
  Original title : En territoire indien

Main Actors :

François Berléand Jean-Claude Adam

Jérémie Renier Cédric
Claire Keim Gladys

Movie - The Christmas Log (2013)

  Release date : 2013-12-22   Language
  Original title : La bûche de Noël   26 min


The year’s end celebrations are coming. Christmas : the tree, the di...

Main Actors :

Bruce Ellison Indien (voice)

Stéphane Aubier Cowboy (voice)
Vincent Patar Cheval (voice)

Alien Adventure

Movie - Alien Adventure (1999)

  Release date : 1999-08-20

The movie begins with an extraterrestrial humanoid species, the Glegol...

Movie - Back to School (2016)

  Release date : 2016-02-27   Language
  Original title : La rentrée des classes   27 min

Comedy, Animation,

Indian and Cowboy are about to set off on a magnificent cruise on a lu...

Main Actors :

Bruce Ellison Indien (voice)

Stéphane Aubier Cowboy (voice)
Vincent Patar Cheval / Monsieur Lambermont (

Movie - Madame Edouard (2004)

  Release date : 2004-06-02   Language
  Original title : Madame Édouard   97 min

Comedy, Crime,

In Brussels, one discovers the bodies of young women buried behind the...

Main Actors :

Michel Blanc le commissaire Léon

Didier Bourdon Irma
Dominique Lavanant Rose

I'm Dead But I Have Friends

Movie - I'm Dead But I Have Friends (2015)

  Release date : 2015-07-22

Four bearded, hairy rock musicians - and Belgians - bury the singer of...

Movie - Dead Man's Hand (2002)

  Release date : 2002-02-06   Language m.en
  Original title : Petites misères   82 min


Jean V., huissier de justice de quarante ans, exerce son métier avec ...

Main Actors :

Albert Dupontel Jean

Marie Trintignant Nicole
Serge Larivière Georges

Movie - Chicas (2010)

  Release date : 2010-03-10   Language
  Original title : Chicas   84 min


Pilar is a Spanish widow who has raised her three daughters in France....

Main Actors :

André Dussollier Fernand

Emmanuelle Seigner Nuria
Bouli Lanners Maurice

The Missing Half

Movie - The Missing Half (2003)

  Release date : 2003-10-22

Claire and Pierre's marriage hits the skids after Claire, pregnant wit...

Hand of the Headless Man

Movie - Hand of the Headless Man (2007)

  Release date : 2007-12-14

Movie - Le signaleur (1997)

  Release date : 1997-05-01   Language
  Original title : Le signaleur

Main Actors :

Louis Koscielniak Le signaleur

Benoît Poelvoorde L'organisateur
Bouli Lanners

Double Plus Ungood

Movie - Double Plus Ungood (2018)

  Release date : 2018-05-04

In 2018, in a country that doesn't exist, Dago Cassandra, a small time...

Cinéma… par Albert Dupontel

Movie - Cinéma… par Albert Dupontel (2017)

  Release date : 2017-10-18

A Town Called Panic

Tv - A Town Called Panic (2002)

  Release date : 2002-01-01

Follows the everyday events of Cowboy, Indian and Horse in a small rur...

La part de l’ombre

Movie - La part de l’ombre (2014)

  Release date : 2014-02-01

La part de l’ombre recovers the life of the Hungarian photographer O...

Nobody Has to Know

Movie - Nobody Has to Know (2021)

Phil, a robust middle-aged man suffers a stroke, causing him to lose h...

Amerigo and the New World

Movie - Amerigo and the New World (2021)

Amerigo and the New World...


Movie - Spit’n’Split (2017)

  Release date : 2017-04-10

Nothing could be cooler than a rock-band on tour. Hordes of screaming ...

On the road again, le cinéma de Bouli Lanners

Movie - On the road again, le cinéma de Bouli Lanners (2011)

  Release date : 2011-01-01

Documentary about belgian actor and director Bouli Lanners...

A Town Called Panic: Double Fun

Movie - A Town Called Panic: Double Fun (2016)

  Release date : 2016-09-24

With disarming wit and hilarious visuals, A Town Called Panic: Double ...

Movie - 25 Degrees in Winter (2004)

  Release date : 2004-07-21   Language
  Original title : 25 degrés en hiver   90 min

Comedy, Drama,

An Ukranian woman enters Belgium illegally and hides in the van of a d...

Main Actors :

Jacques Gamblin Miguel

Carmen Maura Abuelita
Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė Sonia

There Is No Love Without Stories

Movie - There Is No Love Without Stories (1998)

  Release date : 1998-11-04

Third Wedding

Movie - Third Wedding (2018)

  Release date : 2018-06-14

Martin, a homosexual widower and whimsical of fifty years, sees itself...

La Foire agricole

Movie - La Foire agricole (2019)

  Release date : 2019-07-06

Indian and Cowboy finally pass their exams. Horse buys them tickets fo...

Bouli Lanners in the production team (12)
  • 2021 · Movie Nobody Has to Know - Director
  • 2016 · Movie The First, the Last - Director
  • 2016 · Movie The First, the Last - Screenplay
  • 2011 · Movie The Giants - Director
  • 2011 · Movie The Giants - Writer
  • 2008 · Movie Eldorado - Director
  • 2008 · Movie Eldorado - Writer
  • 2005 · Movie Ultranova - Director
  • 2005 · Movie Ultranova - Writer
  • 1999 · Movie Travellinckx - Director
  • 1999 · Movie Travellinckx - Writer
  • 1996 · Movie Les soeurs Van Hoof - Director

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    English · en

    Philippe "Bouli" Lanners (born 20 May 1965 in Moresnet-Chapelle, in the Redeemed Cantons near Liège, Belgium) is a Belgian actor, author and film director. He is also known as a painter. Description above from the Wikipedia article Bouli Lanners , licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

    Français · fr

    Philippe «Bouli» Lanners, né le 20 mai 1965 à Moresnet-Chapelle, est un comédien, scénariste, metteur en scène et réalisateur belge et luxembourgeois francophone. Bouli Lanners naît le 20 mai 1965 à Moresnet-Chapelle, non loin du tripoint de la frontière avec l’Allemagne et les Pays-Bas et grandit à La Calamine, une des neuf communes de langue allemande de Belgique, située sur la frontière et ancien territoire neutre (entre 1816 et 1919). Après un bref passage à l'Académie royale des beaux-arts de Liège, il entame une vie faite de petits boulots et de débrouille, tout en continuant à peindre. Régisseur pour les Snuls, ceux-ci l'emploient occasionnellement comme acteur et peu à peu en font un personnage récurrent et populaire. Il commence alors sa carrière d'acteur en Belgique et en France. En 1999, il écrit et réalise Travellinckx, un court métrage road-movie en super 8 noir et blanc, qui est projeté en festivals. Deux ans plus tard, le court métrage Muno est sélectionné à Cannes, à la Quinzaine des réalisateurs. Son premier long métrage, Ultranova, est sorti en 2005 et primé au Festival de Berlin. Il tourne son deuxième long métrage Eldorado à l'été 2007, film qui sera sélectionné pour la Quinzaine des réalisateurs à Cannes 2008, où il décroche le prix Regards jeunes, le prix du label Europa Cinemas du meilleur film européen de la semaine de la critique et le prix FIPRESCI. L'année suivante, le film est nommé pour le César du meilleur film étranger Son troisième long métrage, Les Géants, a reçu deux prix à la Quinzaine des réalisateurs du Festival de Cannes 2011, le prix de la SACD et le prix Art Cinema Award, remis par la CICAE3. Les Premiers, les Derniers, son quatrième long métrage, est sélectionné par le Panorama au festival de Berlin en 2016 et récolte deux prix. Il obtient le prix Label Europa Cinema du meilleur film Européen et le prix œcuménique. En 2019 il écrit et co-réalise The Large, son cinquième long métrage qu'il tourne en Écosse, sur l'île de Lewis, en langue anglaise. Il s'associe à Tim Mielants pour assurer la co-réalisation. Parallèlement, il donne des cours à l'INSAS à Bruxelles. Il habite à Liège avec son épouse Élise Ancion, scénariste, metteuse en scène et costumière. Mi-mars 2020, le couple est victime de la pandémie de coronavirus covid-19. Source: Article "Bouli Lanners" de Wikipédia en français, soumis à la licence CC-BY-SA 3.0.