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Known for - Acting

M.gender - Male

Birthday - 1938.07.12

Place of birth - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

IMDB: nm1126254
Also known as :


Subramaniam Shankar

Known for this movies

Movie - Naanum Oru Thozhilali   Movie - Neelagiri Express   Movie - Thalapathi   Movie - Apoorva Sagodharargal  
Deceased 03 June 2000
died at the 61 years




Jaishankar  was an actor in Tamil cinema. He was credited onscreen with title of Makkal Kalingnar Jaishankar in most of the film starring him and is sometimes referred to as the Thennagathu James Bond... (South Indian James Bond) because of his dashing roles in films such as Vallavan Oruvan and CID Shankar.

Jaishankar Known for this movies

The film was launched by C. V. Sridhar in 1980 as a Cinemascope ventur...

  • Drama
  • Action

A murder takes place in Neelagiri Express bound to Coimbatore from Che...

  • Thriller

Surya is an orphan raised in a slum. He finds a friend in the local Go...

  • Crime
  • Action
  • Drama

Appu and Raja are twins who were separated at birth, grow up in differ...

  • Action
  • Comedy

Filmography Jaishankar

Movies with Jaishankar

Jaishankar in movies (120)

Thalapathi (Movie)
Arjun's Father

Release date: 1991-11-05
Original title : தளபதி
Crime,   Action,   Drama,  
Surya is an orphan raised in a slum. He finds a friend in the local Go...

Apoorva Sagodharargal

Apoorva Sagodharargal (Movie)

Release date: 1989-04-14
Original title : அபூர்வ சகோதரர்கள்
Action,   Comedy,  
Appu and Raja are twins who were separated at birth, grow up in differ...

Neelagiri Express

Neelagiri Express (Movie)

Release date: 1968-04-14
Original title : Neelagiri Express
A murder takes place in Neelagiri Express bound to Coimbatore from Che...

Murattu Kaalai

Murattu Kaalai (Movie)

Release date: 1980-12-20
Original title : முரட்டுக்காளை
Action,   Romance,  
Although Kaalaiyan and his brothers can afford a luxurious lifestyle, ...


Arunachalam (Movie)

Release date: 1997-04-10
Original title : அருணாச்சலம்
Action,   Comedy,   Drama,  
Arunachalam, the son of a prominent village elder, discovers the trut...

Thanikattu Raja

Thanikattu Raja (Movie)

Release date: 1982-03-12
Original title : Thanikattu Raja
Drama,   Action,  
Thanikattu Raja is a Tamil film directed by V.C.Gohanathan.This movie ...

Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum

Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum (Movie)

Release date: 1965-11-18
Original title : Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum
Drama,   Family,  
Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum is a 1965 Tamil film directed by Krishnan-Panju ...


Gokulam (Movie)

Release date: 1993-06-11
Original title : கோகுலம்
Comedy,   Romance,   Drama,  
Chellappa (Jayaram), an orphan, runs a photo studio in deficit with hi...

Yaar Nee?

Yaar Nee? (Movie)
Dr. Anand

Release date: 1966-04-14
Original title : யார் நீ?
Mystery,   Drama,  
A doctor , through a series of mysterious and unfortunate incidents, i...

Nee Pathi Naan Pathi

Nee Pathi Naan Pathi (Movie)

Release date: 1991-01-01
Original title : Nee Pathi Naan Pathi

Nee Pathi Naan Pathi is a 1991 Tamil romantic drama film directed by ...


Coolikkaran (Movie)

Release date: 1987-06-05
Original title : கூலிக்காரன்
Action,   Drama,  
Raja lives with his elder brother, sister-in-law, and their little dau...


Singaravelan (Movie)

Release date: 1992-04-13
Original title : சிங்காரவேலன்
Comedy,   Romance,  
Singaravelan film revolves around a young man (Kamal Hassan) living in...

Chinna Raja

Chinna Raja (Movie)

Release date: 1999-02-12
Original title : Chinna Raja
Chinna Raja passable comedy-thriller with the director succeeding more...

Pattanathil Bhootham

Pattanathil Bhootham (Movie)

Release date: 1967-04-14
Original title : பட்டணத்தில் பூதம்
Action,   Comedy,   Fantasy,  
Two friends, Bhaskar and Seenu, accidentally release Jee-Boom-Baa, a g...

Alaya Deepam

Alaya Deepam (Movie)
Suresh father

Release date: 1984-06-29
Original title : Alaya Deepam

Alaya Deepam is a 1984 Tamil Indian feature film directed by C. V. Sri...

Poruthadhu Podhum

Poruthadhu Podhum (Movie)

Release date: 1988-07-15
Original title : Poruthadhu Podhum
Overview Coming Soon......


Nermai (Movie)

Release date: 1985-05-03
Original title : நேர்மை
Nermai is a 1985 Indian Tamil film, directed by R. Krishnamoorthy and ...

Apoorva Raagangal

Apoorva Raagangal (Movie)
Self (Cameo Appearance)

Release date: 1975-08-18
Original title : அபூர்வ ராகங்கள்
Drama,   Romance,  
A young man and an older woman fall in love and decide to marry. Howev...


Maaveeran (Movie)

Release date: 1986-11-01
Original title : Maaveeran
Maaveeran is a Tamil film is directed by Rajasekar. It was a 100 days ...


Padikkadavan (Movie)

Release date: 1985-11-11
Original title : படிக்காதவன்
Drama,   Action,  
Two brothers are ousted from their house by their stepbrother's wife. ...

Irandil Ondru

Irandil Ondru (Movie)

Release date: 1988-01-14
Original title : இரண்டில் ஒன்று
Drama,   Romance,  
A Tamil romantic entertainer....

Uruvangal Maralam

Uruvangal Maralam (Movie)

Release date: 1983-01-14
Original title : உறவுகள் மாறலாம்
Uruvangal Maralam is a Tamil language film starring Y. Gee. Mahendra i...


Sattam (Movie)

Release date: 1983-05-21
Original title : Sattam
Sattam is a Tamil language film starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role...

Adhisaya Piravigal

Adhisaya Piravigal (Movie)

Release date: 1982-12-08
Original title : Adhisaya Piravigal
Overview Coming Soon......

Naandri, Meendum Varuga

Naandri, Meendum Varuga (Movie)

Release date: 1982-11-17
Original title : Naandri, Meendum Varuga
Overview Coming Soon......

Paayum Puli

Paayum Puli (Movie)

Release date: 1983-01-14
Original title : Paayum Puli
Drama,   Action,   Romance,  
When a smuggler kills his sister, a mentally impaired man (Rajnikanth)...

Enga Ooru Pattukaran

Enga Ooru Pattukaran (Movie)
Manjampetti, Seethan's father (guest appearance)

Release date: 1987-04-14
Original title : Enga Ooru Pattukaran

Enga Ooru Pattukaran is a 1987 Tamil film directed by Gangai Amaran. T...

Thai Thangai Paasam

Thai Thangai Paasam (Movie)

Release date: 1995-04-14
Original title : Thai Thangai Paasam

Thai Thangai Paasam (English: Mother, Sister Affection) is a Tamil fil...


Vidhi (Movie)
"Tiger" Dayanidhi

Release date: 1984-01-26
Original title : விதி
Radha falls in love with Raja, son of a rich lawyer, and ends up pregn...


Yaar? (Movie)

Release date: 1985-09-20
Original title : யார்?

Yaar? is a 1985 Indian horror Tamil film, directed by Sakthi-Kannan a...

Kanne Kaniyamuthe

Kanne Kaniyamuthe (Movie)

Release date: 1986-01-01
Original title : Kanne Kaniyamuthe
Vimala's novel “Ula Varum Uravugal” was made into the 1986 Tamil r...

En Jeevan Paaduthu

En Jeevan Paaduthu (Movie)

Release date: 1988-06-23
Original title : என் ஜீவன் பாடுது
Drama,   Horror,   Romance,   Family,  
A girl who discovers paintings and books of another student from her c...


Mappillai (Movie)

Release date: 1989-10-28
Original title : Mappillai

Rajarajeswari gets Aarumugam's sister arrested after she learns that s...


Veerapandiyan (Movie)

Release date: 1987-04-14
Original title : வீரப்பாண்டியன்
Overview Coming Soon......


Dharma (Movie)

Release date: 1998-07-09
Original title : தர்மா
Dharma is a 1998 Tamil action film directed by Keyaar. The film featur...

Cinema Paithiyam

Cinema Paithiyam (Movie)

Release date: 1975-01-31
Original title : சினிமா பைத்தியம்
Comedy,   Drama,  
A young girl loves bunking school to watch movies. Unable to distingui...

Vazhvey Maayam

Vazhvey Maayam (Movie)

Release date: 1982-01-26
Original title : வாழ்வே மாயம்
Drama,   Romance,  
Raja and Devi fall in love with each other and get engaged. However, w...

Naanum Oru Thozhilali

Naanum Oru Thozhilali (Movie)

Release date: 1986-05-01
Original title : நானும் ஒரு தொழிலாளி
Drama,   Action,  
The film was launched by C. V. Sridhar in 1980 as a Cinemascope ventur...

Thanga Magan

Thanga Magan (Movie)

Release date: 1983-11-04
Original title : Thanga Magan
Thanga Magan is a man's search for his roots. It is his search for the...

Thudikkum Karangal

Thudikkum Karangal (Movie)

Release date: 1983-03-04
Original title : Thudikkum Karangal
Action,   Drama,  
Rajinikanth is an auto mechanic and brother of Vijayakumar who works i...

Nangu Suvargal

Nangu Suvargal (Movie)

Release date: 1971-02-06
Original title : நான்கு சுவர்கள்
Family,   Drama,   Romance,   Comedy,  
Directed by K Balachander, Music by M.S. Viswanathan, and starring Van...

Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen

Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen (Movie)

Release date: 1997-01-14
Original title : Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen
Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen starring by vijay and Dimple. Kannan (Vijay) ...


Savaal (Movie)

Release date: 1981-07-03
Original title : சவால்
Brothers Shankar and Raja decide to go to the city for better opportun...

Malaiyoor Mambattiyan

Malaiyoor Mambattiyan (Movie)
DSP Ranjith

Release date: 1983-01-01
Original title : மலையூர் மம்பட்டியான்
Action,   Romance,   Thriller,  
Malaiyoor Mambattiyan is the story of a group of youngsters in the vil...

Saranam Ayyappa

Saranam Ayyappa (Movie)

Release date: 1980-11-28
Original title : சரணம் ஐயப்பா
Adaikalam, an accused, who has been imprisoned for many years helps tw...

Aayiram Poi

Aayiram Poi (Movie)
Ravi, Kankasabi's Son

Release date: 1969-07-11
Original title : ஆயிரம் பொய்
Chinna Durai(V. K. Ramaswamy) dislikes his brother-in-law, Kanagasabi(...

Thai Veedu

Thai Veedu (Movie)

Release date: 1983-04-14
Original title : Thai Veedu
A father and son are separated when their enemy tries to steal a pair ...

Ponmana Selvan

Ponmana Selvan (Movie)

Release date: 1989-08-15
Original title : Ponmana Selvan
Overview Coming Soon......

Poove Poochudava

Poove Poochudava (Movie)

Release date: 1985-07-19
Original title : பூவே பூச்சூடவா
Drama,   Family,   Comedy,  
An elderly woman who is rich lives alone in a town. However, her life ...

Kulirkaala Megangal

Kulirkaala Megangal (Movie)

Release date: 1986-01-01
Original title : குளிர்கால மேகங்கள்

Kulirkaala Megangal is a 1986 Indian Tamil film, directed by C. V. Sri...

Apoorva Sahodarigal

Apoorva Sahodarigal (Movie)

Release date: 1983-01-01
Original title : Apoorva Sahodarigal

1983 ‧ World cinema/Tamil cinema Apoorva Sahodarigal is a 1983 Tami...

Panchavarna Kili

Panchavarna Kili (Movie)

Release date: 1965-01-01
Original title : Panchavarna Kili

Indian film starring Jaishankar, Manorama and Muthuraman...

Kulama Gunama

Kulama Gunama (Movie)

Release date: 1971-03-25
Original title : Kulama Gunama


Gaayathri (Movie)

Release date: 1977-10-07
Original title : காயத்ரி
Drama,   Action,  
A man tries to sell provocative footage of his wife. When she finds ou...


Chandralekha (Movie)

Release date: 1995-10-01
Original title : Chandralekha
Chandralekha starring by vijay and Vanitha vijayakumar. An orthodox br...

Thai Mookambhikai

Thai Mookambhikai (Movie)

Release date: 1982-06-26
Original title : Thai Mookambhikai
Overview Coming Soon......

Solvadhellam Unmai

Solvadhellam Unmai (Movie)

Release date: 1987-01-23
Original title : Solvadhellam Unmai
Overview Coming Soon......


Thiruppam (Movie)

Release date: 1984-01-13
Original title : திருப்பம்

Ellam Inbamayyam

Ellam Inbamayyam (Movie)

Release date: 1981-12-05
Original title : எல்லாம் இன்பமயம்
Drama,   Comedy,  
Ellam Inbamayyam is a 1981 Tamil Comedy film starring Kamal Haasan and...


Vishnu (Movie)

Release date: 1995-08-01
Original title : Vishnu
Vishnu (Vijay)'s father wants to bring up his son as a timid person bu...

Kelviyum Naaney Badhilum Naaney

Kelviyum Naaney Badhilum Naaney (Movie)

Release date: 1982-06-01
Original title : கேள்வியும் நானே பதிலும் நானே


Theerpu (Movie)

Release date: 1982-05-25
Original title : தீர்ப்பு
Theerpu, story deals about sivaji ganesan's daughter’s rape happened...


Bommalaattam (Movie)

Release date: 1968-01-01
Original title : Bommalaattam
Comedy,   Romance,  
Malathi, who is hard to please, falls in love with Sukumar. However, w...

Oomai Vizhigal

Oomai Vizhigal (Movie)

Release date: 1986-08-15
Original title : ஊமை விழிகள்
Action,   Crime,   Thriller,  
A resort 'Picnic Village' used to abduct young girls and serve them to...

Akkarai Pachchai

Akkarai Pachchai (Movie)

Release date: 1974-01-01
Original title : Akkarai Pachchai

Bollywood 1974...

Vellai Pura Ondru

Vellai Pura Ondru (Movie)

Release date: 1984-04-13
Original title : Vellai Pura Ondru
Overview Coming Soon......

Idhu Enga Boomi

Idhu Enga Boomi (Movie)

Release date: 1984-09-28
Original title : Idhu Enga Boomi
Overview Coming Soon......

Pattanathu Rajakkal

Pattanathu Rajakkal (Movie)

Release date: 1982-03-05
Original title : Pattanathu Rajakkal
Overview Coming Soon......


Kudumbam (Movie)

Release date: 1984-11-22
Original title : Kudumbam
Overview Coming Soon......

Enakku Naaney Needhibathi

Enakku Naaney Needhibathi (Movie)

Release date: 1986-07-18
Original title : Enakku Naaney Needhibathi
Overview Coming Soon......

Auto Raja

Auto Raja (Movie)

Release date: 1982-03-27
Original title : Auto Raja
Overview Coming Soon......


Vaazhkai (Movie)

Release date: 1984-04-13
Original title : வாழ்க்கை
What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for mor...

Ezhudhaadha Sattangal

Ezhudhaadha Sattangal (Movie)

Release date: 1984-08-15
Original title : எழுதாத சட்டங்கள்

Kaaval Dheivam

Kaaval Dheivam (Movie)

Release date: 1969-05-01
Original title : காவல் தெய்வம்

Needhi Pizhaithadhu

Needhi Pizhaithadhu (Movie)

Release date: 1981-11-23
Original title : Needhi Pizhaithadhu
Action,   Drama,  
Overview Coming Soon......

Kaaval Nilayam

Kaaval Nilayam (Movie)

Release date: 1991-05-11
Original title : Kaaval Nilayam
Anand Raj And Sarath Kumar play role of high spirited youths wanting t...

Iru Medhaigal

Iru Medhaigal (Movie)

Release date: 1984-09-14
Original title : இரு மேதைகள்
Iru Medhaigal is a 1984 Indian Tamil film, directed by Muktha Srinivas...

Pillai Nila

Pillai Nila (Movie)

Release date: 1985-04-13
Original title : Pillai Nila
What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for mor...

Om Sakthi

Om Sakthi (Movie)

Release date: 1982-05-25
Original title : Om Sakthi
Action,   Drama,  
Overview Coming Soon......

Dhuruva Natchathiram

Dhuruva Natchathiram (Movie)

Release date: 1993-10-15
Original title : துருவ நட்சத்திரம்
Family,   Action,   Romance,   Horror,  
Story about a lady and her adopted son that looks after the village. T...

Poova Thalaiya

Poova Thalaiya (Movie)

Release date: 1969-05-01
Original title : பூவா தலைய
Ganesan is a widower and Paruvathamma is his mother in law. Shankar is...

Nootrukku Nooru

Nootrukku Nooru (Movie)

Release date: 1971-03-19
Original title : நூற்றுக்கு நூறு
Drama,   Thriller,   Romance,  
A reputed college professor is accused of sexual harassment by three w...


Bhookambam (Movie)
Sethu Varman

Release date: 1983-01-21
Original title : ഭൂകമ്പം
Action,   Thriller,  

Thaai Naadu

Thaai Naadu (Movie)

Release date: 1989-02-16
Original title : தாய்நாடு
Family,   Action,   Thriller,  
A military Grand Officer is accused, inequitably, of intelligence with...

Vanakkam Vathiyare

Vanakkam Vathiyare (Movie)

Release date: 1991-02-01
Original title : Vanakkam Vathiyare

Rajappa (Kathick) is a young man who earns his livelihood by beating u...

Vallavan Oruvan

Vallavan Oruvan (Movie)
CID Shankar

Release date: 1966-10-07
Original title : Vallavan Oruvan

Vallavan Oruvan is a 1966 black-and-white Tamil Suspense film directed...

Varavu Ettana Selavu Pathana

Varavu Ettana Selavu Pathana (Movie)

Release date: 1994-04-14
Original title : வரவு எட்டணா செலவு பத்தணா

Sivaraman, an honest government clerk, and his wife Lakshmi, belong to...

Nawab Narkali

Nawab Narkali (Movie)

Release date: 1972-04-12
Original title : Nawab Narkali

Nawab Naarkal is a 1972 Indian Tamil film, directed by C. V. Rajendran...


Airport (Movie)

Release date: 1993-12-09
Original title : Airport

Airport is a 1993 Tamil action film directed by Joshi and written by S...

Nil Gavani Kadhali

Nil Gavani Kadhali (Movie)
CID Shankar

Release date: 1969-01-01
Original title : Nil Gavani Kadhali

A gang of diamond smugglers led by a wily chief is assets by Babu, his...

Indru Nee Nalai Naan

Indru Nee Nalai Naan (Movie)

Release date: 1983-03-29
Original title : Indru Nee Nalai Naan

Indru Nee Nalai Naan is a 1983 Tamil Indian feature film directed by M...


Priyanka (Movie)

Release date: 1994-05-27
Original title : பிரியங்கா

In the Southern part of India, there are two communities living - sepa...


Jamboo (Movie)

Release date: 1980-06-13
Original title : Jamboo

Veettuku Veedu

Veettuku Veedu (Movie)

Release date: 1970-05-29
Original title : வீட்டுக்கு வீடு

Veettuku Veedu is a 1970 Indian Tamil-language comedy film, directed b...

Akka Thangai

Akka Thangai (Movie)

Release date: 1969-02-28
Original title : அக்கா தங்கை

Janaki sacrifices everything to make her younger sister, Vijaya, an ad...

Kann Sivanthaal Mann Sivakkum

Kann Sivanthaal Mann Sivakkum (Movie)

Release date: 1983-03-04
Original title : கண் சிவந்தால் மண் சிவக்கும்

Kann Sivanthaal Mann Sivakkum is a 1983 Tamil film directed by debutan...

Nambinar Keduvadhillai

Nambinar Keduvadhillai (Movie)

Release date: 1986-05-23
Original title : நம்பினார் கெடுவதில்லை

Sarithira Nayagan

Sarithira Nayagan (Movie)

Release date: 1984-05-26
Original title : சரித்திர நாயகன்
Story about two siblings who get separated by villains to get property...


Bandham (Movie)

Release date: 1985-01-25
Original title : பந்தம்
This is a 1985 Indian Tamil film, directed by "K. Vijayan" and produce...

Keezh Vaanam Sivakkum

Keezh Vaanam Sivakkum (Movie)

Release date: 1981-10-26
Original title : கீழ்வானம் சிவக்கும்

Kumaran, who is blind, gets attached with his eye doctor's daughter-in...

டாக்ஸி டிரைவர்

டாக்ஸி டிரைவர் (Movie)

Release date: 1978-08-18
Original title : டாக்ஸி டிரைவர்


Marumagal (Movie)

Release date: 1986-01-25
Original title : மருமகள்

Oorai Therunjukitten

Oorai Therunjukitten (Movie)

Release date: 1988-04-15
Original title : Oorai Therunjukitten
Oorai Therinjikitten is a 1988 Indian Tamil comedy film, directed by K...


Garjanai (Movie)

Release date: 1981-08-06
Original title : Garjanai
Vijay, an honest doctor, finds out that Mithra and his team are respon...


Uyarnthavargal (Movie)

Release date: 1977-01-14
Original title : உயர்ந்தவர்கள்
Drama,   Music,  
A hearing-impaired woman decides to get her son married to a girl, who...


Maanavan (Movie)

Release date: 1970-07-10
Original title : மாணவன்
Action,   Drama,  
Kadiraesan studies hard and fulfils his mother's dream of becoming a c...

Thunive Thunai

Thunive Thunai (Movie)

Release date: 1976-04-06
Original title : துணிவே துணை
Action,   Thriller,  
An undercover cop sets off to investigate a mysterious village after t...

Kaliyuga Kannan

Kaliyuga Kannan (Movie)
Navaneetha Krishnan

Release date: 1974-11-13
Original title : Kaliyuga Kannan
Comedy,   Drama,  
Kaliyuga Kannan is a drama of faith and disbelief in God of a middle-a...

Sakka Podu Podu Raja

Sakka Podu Podu Raja (Movie)

Release date: 1978-09-15
Original title : சக்கப்போடு போடு ராஜா
Comedy,   Drama,  
Sakka Podu Podu Raja is a 1978 Tamil-language film starring Jaishankar...


Vairam (Movie)

Release date: 1974-05-24
Original title : வைரம்
Vairam is the Tamil remake of the highly successful Hindi movie " Vict...

Annai En Dheivam

Annai En Dheivam (Movie)

Release date: 1986-09-27
Original title : அன்னை என் தெய்வம்
Action,   Drama,  

Neengal Kettavai

Neengal Kettavai (Movie)

Release date: 1984-06-28
Original title : நீங்கள் கேட்டவை
Crime,   Drama,  
Poornima, a widow living in Ooty leads a peaceful life with her two so...

Naalai Manithan

Naalai Manithan (Movie)

Release date: 1989-01-14
Original title : நாளை மனிதன்
Horror,   Drama,   Science Fiction,  
A doctor invents a drug that can bring dead people back to life. He in...

24 Mani Neram

24 Mani Neram (Movie)

Release date: 1984-10-17
Original title : 24 மணி நேரம்
Action,   Crime,   Thriller,  
A young man sets out to find the real culprit when he is falsely accus...

Amma Pillai

Amma Pillai (Movie)

Release date: 1991-02-08
Original title : அம்மா பிள்ளை
Action,   Family,   Romance,  
Amma Pillai is a 1990 Tamil Indian feature film directed by R.C.Shakth...


Arangetram (Movie)
Cameo (Himself)

Release date: 1973-02-02
Original title : Arangetram
Romance,   Drama,   Family,  
Lalitha is the eldest daughter of a pious and conservative Brahmin fam...


Saavi (Movie)
CID Inspector Shankar

Release date: 1985-10-10
Original title : சாவி
Thriller,   Crime,  
When a woman learns that her husband married her for her money, she de...

Mounam Sammadham

Mounam Sammadham (Movie)

Release date: 1990-06-15
Original title : மௌனம் சம்மதம்
Thriller,   Crime,   Drama,  
The plot revolves around the wrong conviction of a business man and th...

CID Shankar

CID Shankar (Movie)

Release date: 1970-04-01
Original title : CID Shankar

The film start had in its title sequence in which a Politician is kill...

Adutha Varisu

Adutha Varisu (Movie)
Zameendar (Guest Role)

Release date: 1983-07-07
Original title : அடுத்த வாரிசு
Drama,   Action,   Crime,  
When the sole person to inherit the family wealth is missing, her gran...

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    Jaishankar  was an actor in Tamil cinema. He was credited onscreen with title of Makkal Kalingnar Jaishankar in most of the film starring him and is sometimes referred to as the Thennagathu James Bond (South Indian James Bond) because of his dashing roles in films such as Vallavan Oruvan and CID Shankar.