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Tory Kittles

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Birthday 02 August 1975
Place of birth : Lawtey, Florida, USA
ID Imdb: nm0457796
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Alive : Yes

Birthday Tory Kittles: 1975.08.02

Age Tory Kittles 46 years

Tory Kittles occupation actor

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Movie - Those Who Wish Me Dead   Tv - House   Tv - Sons of Anarchy   Tv - CSI: NY  

An American actor. He has appeared in films such as Malibu's Most Wanted, Get Rich or Die Tryin', Next, and Miracle at St. Anna. Description above from the Wikipedia article Tory Kittles, licensed un...der CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.​

Tory Kittles

Known for this movies

Those Who Wish Me Dead



Derek Hoyt

Filmography Tory Kittles

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Movie - Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021)

  Release date : 2021-05-05   Language m.en
  Original title : Those Who Wish Me Dead   100 min

Drama, Thriller, Action,

A young boy finds himself pursued by two assassins in the Montana wild...

Main Actors :

Angelina Jolie Hannah Faber

Finn Little Connor Casserly
Jon Bernthal Ethan Sawyer

Tv - House (2004)

  Release date : 2004-11-16   Language m.en
  Original title : House   44 min

Dr. Gregory House, a drug-addicted, unconventional, misanthropic medic...

Tv - Sons of Anarchy (2008)

  Release date : 2008-09-03   Language m.en
  Original title : Sons of Anarchy   45 min

An adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores a no...

Tv - CSI: NY (2004)

  Release date : 2004-09-22   Language m.en
  Original title : CSI: NY   44 min

CSI: NY is an American police procedural television series that ran on...

Tv - True Detective (2014)

  Release date : 2014-01-12   Language m.en
  Original title : True Detective   60 min

An American anthology police detective series utilizing multiple timel...

Tv - Colony (2016)

  Release date : 2016-01-14   Language m.en
  Original title : Colony   43 min

In the near future a family must make difficult decisions as they bala...

Movie - Dragged Across Concrete (2019)

  Release date : 2019-02-21   Language m.en
  Original title : Dragged Across Concrete   158 min

Crime, Action, Thriller,

Two policemen, one an old-timer, the other his volatile younger partne...

Main Actors :

Mel Gibson Brett Ridgeman

Vince Vaughn Anthony Lurasetti
Tory Kittles Henry Johns

Movie - Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

  Release date : 2013-03-20   Language m.en
  Original title : Olympus Has Fallen   120 min

Action, Thriller,

When the White House (Secret Service Code: "Olympus") is captured by a...

Main Actors :

Gerard Butler Mike Banning

Aaron Eckhart President Benjamin Asher
Finley Jacobsen Connor


Tv - Intruders (2014)

  Release date : 2014-08-23

Members of a secret society chase immortality by seeking refuge in the...

Movie - Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)

  Release date : 2005-11-09   Language m.en
  Original title : Get Rich or Die Tryin'   117 min

Drama, Crime, Music,

A tale of an inner city drug dealer who turns away from crime to pursu...

Main Actors :

50 Cent Marcus

Joy Bryant Charlene
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Majestic

The Equalizer

Tv - The Equalizer (2021)

  Release date : 2021-02-07

Robyn McCall, an enigmatic former CIA operative with a mysterious back...

Movie - Next (2007)

  Release date : 2007-04-25   Language m.en
  Original title : Next   96 min

Action, Science Fiction, Thriller,

Las Vegas showroom magician Cris Johnson has a secret which torments h...

Main Actors :

Nicolas Cage Cris Johnson / Frank Cadillac

Julianne Moore Callie Ferris
Jessica Biel Liz Cooper

Wander Darkly

Movie - Wander Darkly (2020)

  Release date : 2020-12-11

New parents Adrienne and Matteo are forced to reckon with trauma amids...

Movie - Harriet (2019)

  Release date : 2019-11-01   Language m.en
  Original title : Harriet   125 min

Drama, History,

The extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman's escape from slavery and tra...

Main Actors :

Cynthia Erivo Harriet Tubman

Leslie Odom Jr. William Still
Joe Alwyn Gideon Brodess

Movie - American Heist (2014)

  Release date : 2014-09-11   Language m.en
  Original title : American Heist   94 min


Two brothers, both with troubled paths, find themselves in the middle ...

Main Actors :

Hayden Christensen James

Adrien Brody Frankie
Jordana Brewster Emily

Movie - Frankenfish (2004)

  Release date : 2004-10-09   Language m.en
  Original title : Frankenfish   84 min


When the body of a man is found completely destroyed in the swamps in ...

Main Actors :

Tory Kittles Sam Rivers

K. D. Aubert Eliza
China Chow Mary Callahan

Movie - Malibu's Most Wanted (2003)

  Release date : 2003-04-10   Language m.en
  Original title : Malibu's Most Wanted   86 min

Comedy, Crime,

A senator arranges for his son, a rich white kid who fancies himself b...

Main Actors :

Jamie Kennedy Brad 'B-Rad' Gluckman

Taye Diggs Sean
Anthony Anderson PJ

Movie - Man Down (2015)

  Release date : 2015-09-12   Language m.en
  Original title : Man Down   90 min

Thriller, Drama,

When a U.S. Marine returns home from Afghanistan, he finds that the pl...

Main Actors :

Shia LaBeouf Gabriel Drummer

Jai Courtney Devin Roberts
Gary Oldman Captain Peyton

Movie - Miracle at St. Anna (2008)

  Release date : 2008-09-15   Language m.en
  Original title : Miracle at St. Anna   160 min

Drama, War,

Miracle at St. Anna chronicles the story of four American soldiers who...

Main Actors :

Derek Luke 2nd Staff Sergeant Aubrey Stam

Michael Ealy Sergeant Bishop Cummings
Laz Alonso Corporal Hector Negron

Movie - Paparazzi (2004)

  Release date : 2004-09-03   Language m.en
  Original title : Paparazzi   84 min

Action, Drama, Thriller,

A rising Hollywood actor decides to take personal revenge against a gr...

Main Actors :

Cole Hauser Bo Laramie

Robin Tunney Abby Laramie
Dennis Farina Detective Burton

Movie - Dirty (2006)

  Release date : 2006-01-20   Language m.en
  Original title : Dirty   97 min

Crime, Drama, Thriller,

Two gangbangers turned cops try and cover up a scandal within the LAPD...

Main Actors :

Clifton Collins Jr. Officer Armando Sancho

Cuba Gooding Jr. Salim Adel
Keith David Captain Spain

Movie - Stop-Loss (2008)

  Release date : 2008-03-28   Language m.en
  Original title : Stop-Loss   113 min

Drama, War,

A veteran soldier returns from his completed tour of duty in Iraq, onl...

Main Actors :

Ryan Phillippe Brandon King

Abbie Cornish Michelle
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tommy Burgess

Movie - Bessie (2015)

  Release date : 2015-05-16   Language m.en
  Original title : Bessie   107 min

Drama, Music, TV Movie,

The story of legendary blues performer, Bessie Smith, who rose to fame...

Main Actors :

Queen Latifah Bessie Smith

Mo'Nique Ma Rainey
Mike Epps Richard

Movie - The Sapphires (2012)

  Release date : 2012-08-08   Language m.en
  Original title : The Sapphires   103 min

Comedy, Drama,

It's 1968, and four young, talented Australian Aboriginal girls learn ...

Main Actors :

Jessica Mauboy Julie

Chris O'Dowd Dave Lovelace
Deborah Mailman Gail

Movie - Steel Magnolias (2012)

  Release date : 2012-10-07   Language m.en
  Original title : Steel Magnolias   90 min

Romance, Drama, TV Movie,

In an updated contemporary version of the beloved stage play and 1989 ...

Main Actors :

Queen Latifah M'Lynn

Alfre Woodard Ouiser
Phylicia Rashād Clairee

Movie - Against the Ropes (2004)

  Release date : 2004-02-20   Language m.en
  Original title : Against the Ropes   106 min

Romance, Drama,

A fictional story inspired by North America's most famous female boxin...

Main Actors :

Meg Ryan Jackie Kallen

Omar Epps Luther Shaw
Charles S. Dutton Felix Reynolds

Movie - Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie (2002)

  Release date : 2002-03-31   Language m.en
  Original title : Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie   88 min

Drama, TV Movie, Comedy,

Mother's good boy Benny Silman from Brooklyn becomes an economics stud...

Main Actors :

David Krumholtz Benny Silman

Tory Kittles Stevin 'Hedake' Smith
Carmine Giovinazzo T-Bone

Movie - The Chameleon (2010)

  Release date : 2010-06-23   Language m.en
  Original title : The Chameleon   106 min

Drama, Mystery, Thriller,

The amazing true story of Frédéric Bourdin, who after having plunder...

Main Actors :

Marc-André Grondin Frédéric Fortin / Nicholas M

Famke Janssen Jennifer Johnson
Nick Stahl Brendan Kerrigan

Movie - The Kill Hole (2012)

  Release date : 2012-08-28   Language m.en
  Original title : The Kill Hole   91 min


The shadow of war follows a troubled Iraq War vet as he is forced to p...

Main Actors :

Chadwick Boseman Lt. Samuel Drake

Tory Kittles Sgt. Devon Carter
Billy Zane Marshall

Movie - Invincible (2001)

  Release date : 2001-11-18   Language m.en
  Original title : Invincible   90 min

Fantasy, Action, Thriller,

The Shadow Men are immortal beings of darkness and destruction. One su...

Main Actors :

Billy Zane Oz

Byron Mann Michael Fu
Stacy Oversier Serena Blue

Movie - Little Athens (2005)

  Release date : 2005-06-01   Language m.en
  Original title : Little Athens   103 min

Romance, Comedy, Drama,

A day in Athens, Arizona, as teens and twenty-somethings navigate life...

Main Actors :

John Patrick Amedori Jimmy

Shawn Hatosy Carter
Michelle Horn Emilie

Movie - Lawman (2017)

  Release date : 2017-02-24   Language m.en
  Original title : Lawman   13 min

Based on True Events. 1875, Indian Territory. Bass Reeves, the first A...

Main Actors :

Lance Reddick

Erica Tazel
Tory Kittles

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An American actor. He has appeared in films such as Malibu's Most Wanted, Get Rich or Die Tryin', Next, and Miracle at St. Anna. Description above from the Wikipedia article Tory Kittles, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.​