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Katrina Law

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Ziua de nastere 30 September 1985
ID Imdb: nm0492345

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Ziua de nastere Katrina Law: 30.09.1985

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Serial - Arcașul   Film - Apparition   Serial - Spartacus: Războiul celor blestemaţi   Film - Zeroes  

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Katrina Law is an American actress. Her parents met during the Vietnam War; her father being a Catholic of German and Italian decent serving in the U.S. armed forces and her mother a Buddhist living in Taiwan, working as a bartender. She represented New Jersey in the Miss Teen USA Pageant. She is also the lead singer and bass player in her band "Soundboard Fiction". She worked alongside director Adrian Picardi with producers Eric Ro and Don Le, to create a low budget web series called "The Resistance". Picardi was the series' official creator and director.

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Katrina Law (30 de septiembre de 1985) es una actriz estadounidense. Es más conocida por interpretar a Mira en la serie Spartacus y a Nyssa al Ghul en la serie Arrow.

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