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  • Nora Roberts' Angels Fall 3 months ago .

    I don`t think I`ve seen this film since it premiered on Lifetime in 2007. It was on the dvr so I shrugged my shoulders and pressed play. Going into this I had no memory of the film except that Heather Locklear`s checks were rather puffy, which is horrible of me. Upon this rewatch I still didn`t remember anything about the film but I had a vague memory of who the culprit was. Heather Locklear plays Reese, a woman trying to escape her past and start over fresh. When her car breaks down in Angels Fall, Reese reluctantly takes a job as a chef in a dinner for some money. She catches the eye of what`s his name, I forget it but he`s a mystery writer. On a hike Reese witnesses a crime, reports it to the police but when no evidence of a crime appears and Reese`s history as a sole surviour of a mass killing which landed her in an asylum for awhile comes to light, nobody believes her except creepy mystery writer. He`s creepy because he googles Reese and reads all about her trauma and that somehow turns him on. Almost everyone in town looks at her funny and Reese questions her own sanity while shacking up with the mystery writer. It pretty much goes as you`d expect. No amount of trauma, no witnessing of a potential murder, no potential murderer after her could stop those two from having sex a few times. Hey, you only live once rightt I`ve never read the novel by Nora Roberts so I don`t know how well it translates from page to screen, but this was a pretty decent crime mystery that looked terrible. I wasn`t into the one scene were the film tried to be an edgy music video or the close ups of Heather Locklear`s nose. The acting was no better.

  • Snow Bride 3 months ago .

    2015 Christmas Television Movie Binge Watch #35Snow Bride reminded me of a classic black and white movie that would of been made in the thirties and that`s a good thing. There`s a lot of charm and some fun moments that feel very much like a throw back to careless free spirited stories with a message. Katrina Law plays Greta, a tabloid reporter who`s racing to get the gossip and scoop about the Tannenhill family. In a rush to be the first one with scoop Greta gets into a bit of trouble. Stranded in a snowstorm wearing shorts and a t-shirt all she`s got is her best friend`s wedding dress in the trunk of her car. Making the call for survival Greta puts on that ugly wedding dress and tumbles on down into the arms of Ben Tannenhill, the exact person she wants to write about. So a lie begets another lie that begets another lie that will eventually crumble and lead to people being exposed, paparazzi and tabloids shamed and love blossoming somewhere. Katrina Law`s Greta is completely likable despite her character`s actions. Law is absolutely charming, funny and cute as a button. She`s the best aspect of this film and carries it well. Snow Bride is a fun story and unique enough of a Christmas movie that it stands out.